Heat vs. Ice: The Great Debate

Michael J. Racca, PT, MSPT Heat vs. Ice? This is one of the most common questions patients ask. To complicate the matter, New York Times articles like "Why Ice May Not Be Good for Sore Muscles" may further cContinue reading ?

Fact vs. Myth: The Truth About Post Workout Soreness

JoeB  With Joe Bonyai, M.Ed., CSCS, USAW If you're a fitness enthusiast, or occasionally work with a trainer, you probably know what it feels like to be REALLY sore (and it's always that second day, right?). MuscularContinue reading ?

EHS Longevity Program Announced in July Issue of Serendipity Magazine

cf6a81e4-2d0b-4020-82ed-835b5b72ed79The new EHS Longevity Program was announced in this month's issue of Serendipity Magazine.  EHS Partners, Steve Kurczewski and Dr. Brad GildeContinue reading ?
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Peter-Malkins_stories"I highly recommend both Dave Potucek and Elite Health Services."

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Max-Dealys_stories"Dominic supported and encouraged me when I was at my heaviest and

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Jay-Hills-stories"For golfers who have the goal of improving their game and physical

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George-Bouloukos-stories"From the beginning of our relationship, Steve has taken the time to get to

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Katarina-Lewis-stories“Agata has been giving me deep tissue massages for over a year now. Originally,

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