Congratulations to Our Director of In-Home Physical Therapy Michael Racca

RaccaWeddingLast Friday, our Director of In-home Physical Therapy, Michael Racca,(pictured top left) exchanged nuptials with his long-time love, Lauren Montefusco (top right)...and we would like to be the fContinue reading ?

High Heels: Could They Be a Pain in Your Neck?

dispatcherWith, Dr. Eric Keene PT, DPT, CSCS I'm just going to be up front and say: most Physical Therapists discourage people from wearing heels. With that being said, that doesn't mContinue reading ?

How to Prevent Back Pain Caused by Commuting

475With, Dr. Eric Keene PT, DPT, CSCS The deleterious effects of sitting on our body have been well documented. According to the mayo clinic, weight gain, diabetes, back pain, and even increContinue reading ?
Success Stories

Physical Therapy

Peter-Malkins_stories"I highly recommend both Dave Potucek and Elite Health Services."

Personal Training

Max-Dealys_stories"Dominic supported and encouraged me when I was at my heaviest and

Golf Performance

Jay-Hills-stories"For golfers who have the goal of improving their game and physical

Triathlon Performance

George-Bouloukos-stories"From the beginning of our relationship, Steve has taken the time to get to

Wellness Success Stories

Katarina-Lewis-stories“Agata has been giving me deep tissue massages for over a year now. Originally,

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