5 Easy Exercises to Help Fire Up Your Core!

Fire Up Your Core!

This week we turned to Personal Fitness Trainer, Dominc Bailey, CPT, CGFI for 5 fast and easy ways to help you achieve and maintain a strong core!


AB SeriesThis basic exercise from the Ab series works to activate your core muscles. While lying in supine position, keep your hips, knees, feet, and back in flexion as pictured. Your head should be off the ground with your chin tucked into a neutral position either in the air or resting on a pillow. Knees are a little further than 90 degrees apart while your hands sit on your knees pushing up and out as you resist with your knees. Depress your chest and try to practice diaphragmatic breathing. Hold this position for 10 – 60 seconds.

Plank A forearm plank starts with your forearms and toes flat on the floor. Your elbows should be straight down from shoulders as you tuck your neck and get the back into a neutral posture. The scapula should be about halfway depressed with abdominal and gluteal muscles engaged.  Your head, back, butt, and heels should be in a straight line as pictured while you maintain this position. Remember to breathe while holding this position.
Dead BugsWith the dead bug, start in supine position with your knees and toes in flexion while keeping your head on the ground. Your lumbar spine is flat on the floor, or in a comfortable, neutral position. The stability ball is held between the hand and knees. Begin by moving your left arm overhead and extending your right leg as far as you can go without compromising the back. Then come back up from that position and switch to the right arm and left leg while keeping the ball in place.   Complete 12-20x on each side while keeping your back in same safe position.


Bird Dog Begin by going onto your hands and knees. Your hip is going to be straight over the knees and your hand will be right under your shoulder. Keep your head in a neutral position with your gaze toward floor. (Try to keep from extending your back and/or rotating the hips.) Move your right arm and left leg both into extension and then bring your arm down to touch the knee. Do this 15x and then switch sides. The ground foot should be flexed as well during this exercise.



The Pallof Press can be done using any type of band or cable. You want to begin by setting your shoulders and then keeping them level and packed throughout the exercise. Position your feet shoulder width apart and have a slight bend in knees. Walk out to where resistance is tight and then press both hands, from your sternum, straight out in front of your body making sure the band doesn’t move closer to the holding point. Repeat on both sides for 15-20

If you have questions on how to safely complete these (or any!) exercises on your own, please feel free to contact Dominic or any of our personal fitness trainers for a complimentary demonstration.

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