Are You Getting the Vitamins & Minerals You Need?

Anthonywith Performance Specialist, Anthony Scire, CSCS. FMS, IYCA

The Journal of the American Medical Association have suggested; “Most adults would do well to take a daily multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement”.

Living a healthy active lifestyle can be challenging enough, especially striving for a well balanced diet. How balanced is most people’s diets and how common are dietary deficiencies? The research in this area is pretty eye opening.

A study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, analyzed 70 athletes diets. Every single diet was deficient in at least three nutrients. Some diets were missing up to 15 nutrients, the most common deficiencies; iodine, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin E and calcium.   From the United States Department of Agriculture in 2009: 86% of the U.S. population not meeting the RDA of Vitamin E and 73% of Calcium. Not getting enough nutrients can certainly affect how we feel and perform, that is why nutrition is critical when it comes to our performance. Most common deficiencies we see: water (Low level dehydration), vitamins and minerals, lack of protein and essential fatty acids, i.e. fish oil or algae oil.

So what can you do? Let’s keep things simple. Eat more protein rich foods you prefer, drink more hydrating fluids, (try to cut down on those sugary drinks), take more essential fats by supplementing with fish oil and eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals you need most. If you are not getting those essential vitamins/minerals, than listen to the Journal of the American Medical Association and get yourself a quality multivitamin.

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