Enduring Your First Marathon: I Did It (the 5k test)


Enduring Your First Marathon: with Elite Health Services Physical Therapist, Dr. Tiffany Sudol

I ran my 5k trial last week, and thanks to my Running Coach Steve Kurczewski and Personal Trainer Mike Simon, I did very well!

The running drills seem to be working and my body feels good. I was a little sore leading up to the run, and the reason for this was due to the (boring!) foam rolling that Mike makes me do. If your anything like me, sitting still and taking the time to “roll” feels like a waste of time.

However, I have come to appreciate that foam rolling does have its benefits; increasing blood flow to my hard working muscles and helping to address and unlock trigger points. It’s also a tool to help your trainer guide the path of your strength training.

For example, if you’re more sore on your LEFT then RIGHT, you probably need to do more strength training on the LEFT side and start all your repetitions on that side. This is super simplified, but basically how it should work.

The takeaway that I’d like to share with you this week is this: If your trainer asks you to take the time to foam roll, do it and give them feedback so they know how to direct the course of your training. (Thanks Mike!)

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