Enduring Your First Marathon: Fitness Through Recovery


Enduring Your First Marathon: with Elite Health Services Physical Therapist, Dr. Tiffany Sudol

One thing that my Running Coach, Steve Kurczewski, has pounded into my head is that everything counts; every jump, plyometric, or ground force that goes through my body creates stress. And that stress needs to be calculated and added into the total stress load placed on my body.

In this case, think of the body like you would a new pair of shoes. You wouldn’t go out and walk around all day in New York City in them you would break them in over time. It’s the same concept with our bodies. After new stress is introduced the body needs time to recover and rebuild.

This delicate balance was hard for me to accept at first.  However, I have come to realize that I might need to take a step back before I am able to take another strong step forward. I have also learned that it is through the process of recovery that the real fitness happens.

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