Pre Ski Exercises: How to Improve Strength, Endurance, Balance & Coordination Before Hitting the Slopes

In the spirit of Spring skiing, we looked to avid skier and Studio Personal Trainer, Beth Richmond for a few pre ski exercises to help you improve your strength, endurance, balance and coordination while out on the slopes this Spring.

Performing these simple, easy-to-do exercises regularly a few weeks prior to hitting the slopes will not only help you to avoid fatigue, they will also go along way toward reducing your risk of injury while skiing.

1.) Single Leg Squat – This movement works to improve balance and increase leg strength. In addition, it helps prepare you in the event you lose control of one of your skis.

Stand on the bottom step facing the railing. On one leg, lower your body down by sitting back and bending at the knee to just above 90 degree. Opposite leg extends out to the side, then, slowly drags back in along the floor as you return to a standing position. Repeat 15x on each leg.

Challenge: Do not hold onto railing OR hold a weight in both hands close the your body

2.) Push-up Arm Lift – This is an excellent pre ski exercises as it strengthens the core, your back extensor muscles and arms. Performing this exercise prepares you for the motion of planting your ski pole and rotating your body around it.

Begin in a push up position on your knees. Head, neck, and back should be in alignment with your buttocks tucked under. Hold push-up position and slowly lift one arm up off the floor by shifting your weight onto the supporting straight arm. Repeat 10x on each side.

Challenge: Add 1 push-up before each weight shift.


3.) Ski Crouch with Theraband Press – This exercise works to train muscle endurance of the legs and prepares you for a long day out on the slopes.

Place a Theraband just above your knees. Stand with feet hip width apart, and toes pointing forward.

Squat down and back like your sitting in a chair while pressing your knees out into the Theraband. Make sure to maintain flat feet and keep your hips, knees in alignment with your feet.

Hold squat position for 30 seconds. Repeat 5x. Try to increase the length of time each day you exercise.

Challenge: Perform exercise on a BOSU ball or, if at home, a foam cushion or pillow.


4.) Plyometric Exercise – Performing this plyometric exercise prepares your muscles to respond quickly and gets you ready for skiing tough moguls and overall side to side action while skiing.

Place a towel role on the floor. Stand on one side. Begin to hop up and over towel roll, going from one side to the other without stopping.

Perform for 15 seconds.

Repeat 10x. Try to increase the speed and length with each set.

Challenge: Imagine a box divided into 4 squares. Jump into each section using an X and Z pattern.

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