How to Get the Most From Working Out with a Personal Trainer

Personal_TrainingHow to Get the Most From Working Out with a Personal Trainer

Many people work with a personal trainer because they want to reach their fitness goals faster and easier than they would on their own. With that in mind, we asked our team of personal fitness and performance trainers, “What do you wish your training clients would do more of to help achieve their fitness goals with you?” Here’s what they had to say:

How you show up to your workout is important. In addition to avoiding strenuous activities during the 24 hour period prior to a scheduled workout, and getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep the night before, Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach, Steve Kurczewski recommends staying well hydrated by drinking half your body weight (in ounces) of water daily and eating a meal with a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio within a hour of your training session. He also asks his clients to warm up for 10-15 minutes prior to the workout so the session can be used for actual training exercises.

In-home Personal Trainer, Joe Decoteau says, “Everyone knows they need to eat better, but everyone seems to have an excuse for why they ate poorly on any given day.” He continually stresses to his clients that when the goal is weight loss, it’s important to understand that no amount of exercise can make up for a poor diet! The road to successful weight loss begins with accountability and clean eating.

“Working out at least twice per week is a must.” says, Golf Performance Trainer, Matt Atkins.And when weight loss is involved, a client’s commitment to a sound nutritional program makes our training together that much more effective.” Clients also benefit when their golf fitness trainer communicates regularly with their golf professional. This ensures everyone is working toward the same goals.

“Avoid taking an extended vacation from exercise when you’re going to be out of town. Schedule your workouts for a day or two after you return so you don’t lose valuable ground.” recommends Studio Personal Trainer, Dominic Bailey. By asking your trainer to provide a few exercises you can do while on vacation, you will remain active and keep moving forward toward your desired outcome.

In-Home Personal Trainer, Gregg Joslin, agrees that staying consistent with workouts while traveling is absolutely essential. Gregg keeps his training clients on track by providing a “travel workout” specifically designed for the client based on the travel plans and destination.

Studio Personal Trainer, Beth Richmond, strongly urges her clients to “Make the commitment to be consistent with your exercise, continually challenge yourself and let everything else go and focus on yourself during your workout.”

Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach, Jon Stellwagen says, “Training clients who take full advantage of the hour are the ones that leave their troubles at the door, and who arrive to the session prepared to do work!” Oftentimes, that annoying issue that was bothering you before the session will seem so much easier to deal with after a good workout.

“Being completely honesty with your trainer is one of the best ways to get the most out of your session.” says, Jim Coscina, Studio Personal Trainer. It’s important to be upfront about new and old injuries, your long-term goals and expectations; you’re eating and drinking habits, motivation level and how you’re feeling on a particular day so that your trainer is able to adjust your workout accordingly.

“No complaining!” says, Adam Dayon, In-Home Personal Trainer. “Clients who squeeze the most out of their time with their trainer, and, who feel really good afterwards, are the ones who bring a positive attitude and really put their heart into it.”

“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” says, Golf Performance Trainer, Ali Gilbert. She has high expectations for her golf fitness clients. “Clients who have achieved extraordinary results and outcomes understand that it was commitment and consistency that got them there.”

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