How’s Your Running Technique?

296As a runner, have you ever wanted see what your form looks like? Do you have a gut feeling that something is different on one side compared to another?

At Elite Health Services we are using industry leading software to analyze running technique. This allows us to provide specific coaching assessment and training as well as assess and provide treatment from a rehabilitative standpoint.

Below are two examples of still shots broken down with instructional graphics that can be used for before and after comparison after a multi-week training program.

The first image (below) looks at how much the right side of the pelvis drops when the patient is in full stance phase of his left leg. This patient’s pelvic drop is less than 5 degrees, which is excellent. This demonstrates strength and stability at his left hip as well as proper posturing of his L ankle. In conjunction with this, the Q angle of his left leg or the angle between the thigh and the lower leg is very close to 180 degrees. This notes that his left leg is not buckling inwardly during stance phase. Also from behind we measure vertical translation of the body from its highest point to its lowest point. This is a strong measure of efficiency. Also, a closer look at the posture of the foot/ankle to assess for excessive pronation.

The second image (below) looks at hip extension and forward lean of the trunk. In this patient’s case, he is running with just under 20 degrees of left hip extension and 6 degrees of forward lean of the trunk. With hip extension typically being at least 20 degrees, from a rehabilitative perspective, there could be tightness in the left hip into extension. There could also be a restriction in mobility of the left side of his pelvis, preventing the leg from reaching back fully. This is an example of how someone that does not have back pain can present with a limitation in mobility of the pelvis or hip that could be limiting efficient function. Also from the side view we look at the carrying angle of the near arm, the amount of trunk rotation, the efficiency of the front side mechanic, neck and back posture, and foot contact with the ground relative to your center of gravity.

The end result is that the client has an increased awareness of their running technique, while our team of  Physical Therapists, Fitness Trainers and Triathlon Coaches have gained valuable information needed to communicate with one another and design a comprehensive a program designed to facilitate greater running efficiency and improve your overall performance.

Elite Health Services, located in Old Greenwich, CT is a world-class provider of certified functional manual physical therapy, personal fitness, golf & triathlon performance training, massage therapy and wellness related services.  Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals take a no-excuses approach to providing exceptional care, and delivering exceptional results. To learn more visit

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