It’s About Progress, Not Perfection

(On March 7th a several members of the Elite Health Services team committed to transforming their bodies in 90 days by utilizing all of the services we provide. This 12-week challenge is lovingly being referred to as “The Beast” – as in taming whatever is standing in the way of you reaching your goals.  A few participants have chosen to write about their experience in the hopes of inspiring or encouraging someone else.  Today’s article is from Pilates Teacher, Corey Anne Radtke…enjoy!

I am the turtle in this race. And I don’t mind being the turtle – The 12 week “Beast” challenge is all about improving myself, not proving myself.  I wrote on Facebook recently that this is my 12 week happiness project. I mean that is the goal, isn’t it?  And whatever the outcome, I am so enjoying working out with my teammates, Performance Specialists Beth Richmond and Anthony Scire.

Pilates has been my foundation for a healthy spine and strong body for more than ten years now. And while it is a vital part of my well-being, I am excited to embark on something new and explore what else I can achieve.  The goals that are currently important to me are:

1) Increase my cardiovascular endurance.  I currently get winded very easily.  To achieve this goal without hurting myself, I know I need to progress slowly.

2) To possess enough strength to fully execute a complete push-up from the floor. I know this will involve a lot of strength training to achieve and I’m committed to doing it. I don’t know why this is important to me, it just is. It motivates me.

My 90-day plan includes:

  • (2x week) 1:1 Strength Training session
  • (1x week) 1:1 Pilates session
  • (3-4x week) Walk/run (45-60min duration).
  • Daily stretching and Pilates work on my own

My challenges are numerous, as they are for everyone.  Time being one of the biggest of them. Another was expecting perfection from myself.  When I first began this 90-day challenge I had visions of being able to easily make time for it all – including all the work that goes into eating healthy each and every day, and having tons of energy to get it all done.

Being an involved mom of a 12 and 15 year old, some weeks I get it all in, and some I just don’t. Some weeks I eat really well and some I just don’t. And some days I am just too beat to do anything. That’s life. One of my colleagues said to me today it’s about “progress, not perfection” – I think I will tattoo this on my arm so I won’t forget that I don’t have to be perfect to make progress! And I do not have to be perfect to be happy with who I am!  I don’t mind being the turtle as long as I keep advancing forward every day.

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