[Elite EXTRA! #8] A Candid Conversation on Running with Coaches Steve Kurczewski & Mike Simon

Greenwich, CT Elite EXTRA! [episode #8] …How many days a week should a runner strength train to see results? …Other than the cardiovascular benefits, what are some benefits that running provides? …Is it better to be a toe runner? Mid foot runner? Or heel to toe runner? …As a running coach, what brands of shoes do you recommend?

Get answers to these questions and more during this episode of Elite EXTRA! when Running Coaches, Steve Kurczewski and Mike Simon sit down for a candid conversation on the subject of running.

Tune-in here LIVE Mondays at 12:15pm for healthy conversations, insight into Elite’s philosophy, and a taste of company culture as Partners Dr. Brad Gilden and Steve Kurczewski host the Facebook broadcast and interview Elite’s team of physical therapists, fitness professionals, patients, clients and other special guests to get their unique perspective on relevant industry topics and trends.

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ABOUT ELITE HEALTH SERVICES:  World Class Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

“We believe that you should accept nothing less than moving with ease, being free of pain, and feeling good about yourself every single day.”

Sometimes the best ideas come out of necessity.  As athletes and therapists we wanted to create an environment for:

• people like us to train, get stronger and heal if we were injured.
• dedicated, motivated athletes of all ages to train, improve and be the best version of themselves.
• people facing, or rehabbing from an injury or surgery to heal and maintain their active lifestyles.

Elite Health Services has evolved from that original vision with your needs in mind.

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