The Benefits of Sports Massage

massage_wellnessAs an athlete, you ask more from your body on a daily basis than the average person.  As a competitor, your goal is to train hard, recover fast, and perform at the highest level possible-while avoiding injury at all cost.

Sports Massage is a valuable tool in any athletes arsenal as it helps to significantly reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and improve recovery time after long or strenuous workouts or athletic event.

Pre-event Sports Massage stimulates circulation, improves oxygen levels in the blood and increases lymph flow.  Using quick, energetic movements this type of massage enhances the athletic warm-up routine and properly prepares muscles for sport specific activity prior to competitive events; as well as before training workouts and practices.

The intention of a Post-event Sports Massage is to help the athlete come down from the adrenaline rush and to relax the muscular system after exertion through the use of calming, rhythmic massage techniques.  A Post-event massage helps to reduce the risk of cramping, muscle spasms, overheating, fatigue and soreness by aiding faster elimination of toxins from overworked muscles.

Be it a triathlon, golf tournament, tennis match or swim meet, a timely Sports Massage can help you get the most from your training and perform at your very best.

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