The mEHS Fitness Evaluation

a1342837-a8a2-43ef-bff9-1eb6a2deb066With Joe Bonyai, M. Ed., CSCS, USAW

The mEHS Fitness Evaluation was designed with one outcome in mind: faster, more consistent fitness results. Our trainers have a limited amount of time with each client, so maximizing the value of each session is critical. We have to select the right exercises and intensity to make progress toward the client’s goals as soon as possible.

We also have to orchestrate workouts that match our clients’ desired experience. Each client has a different definition of a ‘great workout’, we understand the importance of that when it comes to building a sustainable relationship.
The mEHS Fitness Evaluation is really a contract and comprehensive report card. First, we want to know exactly what the client is looking to achieve. This is actually ‘the why’. Why are you here?

Let’s put your goals down on paper and rank which are the most important. Some people just want to exercise without injuring themselves, others want to return to the sport they love, and of course, everyone wants to look better.

Now that I know what motivates the client, we have nine physical tests. These tests range from a postural assessment to body fat calculation and a high intensity conditioning circuit. We only administer the tests that are appropriate for the client based on their current physical ability.
We use these tests in order to ‘find the nucleus of a new you’, the one or two things that can positively affect everything else. That’s how clients see results so quickly in so many areas. We don’t just do more of what they’re already bad at. We find out why they’re bad and fix that. We are looking for the hinges that swing big results

For example, you may have hurt your hip because your mechanics would break down when you run. Your mechanics broke down because you have poor endurance. You can have poor endurance because you are weak. You can be weak because you have no core. You can have no core because you have tight hips and upper back. It’s all connected.

The impact statement of the mEHS Fitness Evaluation is that ‘we test you to make the best you’. We believe that exercise prescription should be made with clinical precision. To use an analogy, your dentist isn’t going to schedule a root canal when you just need a cleaning. Unfortunately, that’s what fitness has become. The Evaluation was designed to service our clients and one of the ways it does that is by holding our trainers accountable. We’re confident in our ability. We want to showcase that.”

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