October 10, 2018

[Elite EXTRA! #8] A Candid Conversation on Running with Coaches Steve Kurczewski & Mike Simon

Greenwich, CT Elite EXTRA! [episode #8] …How many days a week should a runner strength train to see results? …Other than the cardiovascular benefits, what are some […]
August 6, 2018

[Elite Extra! #4] “Running & Plyometrics” with Matt Silvaggio & Steve Kurczewski

Westport, CT Elite EXTRA! [episode #4]  Why are plyometrics helpful exercises for runners? What are some examples I can start doing right away?  How should I be including […]
July 11, 2018

Here’s 3 NEW Running Stretches You’ve Probably Never Tried [Video]

Greenwich, CT:  When you warm-up before a run are you teaching your muscles, or are you punishing them into submission? WATCH HERE and find out the right way as Elite Health […]