COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

Elite Health Services is 100% committed to protecting our patients, clients, staff, and the Greenwich community in this current COVID environment.

We are continuing to adhere to stringent safety protocols such as capacity limits, physical distancing, and the use of personal protective equipment.

In addition to maintaining rigorous and regular hospital-grade cleaning protocols, our office is operating based on recommendations and guidelines set by the (CDC) Center for Disease Control and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

We thank you for your continued cooperation in helping us maintain a healthy environment for all.

With that, we ask that you adhere to the following steps and requirements when visiting our office for physical therapy, personal training and Pilates:

  • Come Alone

    Unless you are accompanying a minor, please come alone. Guests will be asked to remain in the vehicle.  For patients with dependents that cannot be left alone due to age or medical condition, a session may be performed if the dependent can maintain social distancing, remain in a designated chair, and wear a mask for the entirety of the session.

  • Wear a Face Covering

    A mask that covers your nose and mouth must be worn upon entering the building, and remain in place until you have exited the building. Due to limited supplies, we are unable to provide masks for patients.

  • Upon Arrival

    • Park in-front of the building and remain in your vehicle.
    • Text us at the number provided.
    • You will be greeted at your car by your provider.
    • Your provider will escort you into the lobby and conduct a COVID-19 screening that will include taking your body temperature with a no-touch thermometer.

    If a fever of 99.9 °F or higher is present, and/or you are exhibiting signs of respiratory infection (sneezing, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell) we will reschedule your appointment. * In addition, we ask that you reschedule if you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 4 weeks. 

    If no fever or respiratory symptoms are present, you will be taken through no-touch entries directly to our suite where you will be asked to sanitize your hands before your session.

  • Restrooms

    Please use the restroom prior to your arrival. Bathrooms are available for emergencies only during this time.

  • Our Waiting Area

    is currently closed and unoccupied by our administrative team.

  • At the Conclusion of Your Session

    Any fees due will be processed with the credit card on file and a sales receipt will be emailed to you. Future appointments will be scheduled for you via phone or email.

The Details

Patient/Client COVID-19 Screening

  • Every patient or client who schedules an in-clinic session is sent a COVID-19 questionnaire to screen for recent travel, exposures, and symptoms.
  • We update our CT Travel Advisory State List weekly and send the list to all staff.
  • Responses are reviewed prior to the appointment, and those not appropriate for in-clinic care are offered TeleRehab or TeleFitness options.

To keep the waiting area safe, we closed it!

  • Patients and clients are given the phone number of their therapist or trainer to contact when they arrive.
  • The therapist or trainer meets their patient or client in the lobby where they take their temperature before bringing them upstairs for their session.
  • If a fever is noted, we will refer the patient or client to their primary care physician.

Source Control

  • Is the name of the game – and is our main strategy to keep the clinic safe along with our sanitization process.
  • Source Control refers to the use of masks as a way to protect OTHERS from YOU (vs PPE that protects the person wearing the mask), and we are enforcing Source Control at all times while in the clinic.
    • This means all staff members are wearing masks 100% of the time while in the clinic, except in designated areas that are not available to non-staff members.
    • All patients and clients are required to wear the mask of their choice 100% of the time while in the building. There are exceptions to this that are discussed below.
  • Therapists have a choice of wearing a surgical mask or N-95 mask during treatment sessions, while N-95 masks are mandatory for all treatments that require the removal of the patient’s mask (see below for those details!)
    • Therapists may also further protect themselves by wearing eye protection and gloves at their discretion or at the patient’s request.
  • We are also keeping our treatment areas consistent to avoid overlapping with other therapists/patients to further reduce the number of different people in any one area throughout the course of a day.


  • You may notice our appointment start times are a bit…confusing.
  • In order for us to be able to thoroughly disinfect our treatment areas between patients without cutting into treatment time – we kept our 60 minute appointments and have built in 15 minute windows between patients to fully clean all surfaces.
  • We are using the CDC recommended products for manual disinfection, while the UV light filter takes care of the air!
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building and the clinic to be used before and after all appointments.
  • Our locker rooms and bathrooms are currently closed to reduce the need for cleaning after every use.
    • There are bathrooms located in the hallway that are maintained and disinfected by the building’s cleaning crew multiple times a day.
    • If you run into one of the cleaning staff, please thank them for their hard work – they are tirelessly disinfecting the whole building from the time it opens until the doors close at night!

Air Circulation & Distancing

  • While our building had a prompt response to COVID-19 and installed an iWave Air Purification system that meets the CDC recommendation for an ACH of 6 for indoor air filtration in medical settings, we wanted to do more.
  • We moved the majority of our treatment rooms into the open gym area to allow more air circulation, and to be near windows. They are separated by partitions for privacy.
  • Each treatment area is larger than the closed-door treatment rooms to allow for maximum space between treatment tables.
  • Each treatment area/room has an individual air purification unit that has UV light purification to maintain that ACH of 6 in each individual area.
  • The main gym floor has been divided into two areas, where the maximum number of people allowed in each area is 2 (one staff member, one client/patient).

Patient Privacy

  • While we are known at Elite for our truly private patient sessions that are typically behind the closed doors of our treatment rooms, we have had to make a few changes as we prioritize safety during this time.
  • We have reconfigured our gym floor with partitions to create 4 “open air” treatment areas. While there is a bit more of a communal feel to our treatment areas, the partitions provide ample enclosure to ensure visual privacy during sessions.
  • Pelvic Floor treatments will continue to be in Treatment Room 4 with Caitlyn with closed doors for full privacy. The individual air purification unit will be running at max strength, with UV light filtration on at all times.

Settle Time? What even is that?

  • You may be aware that we treat TMJ and airway conditions – these require treatments that call for the removal of masks, and can stimulate coughing and sneezing. We will be performing these treatments in our treatment rooms with closed doors to protect all other areas of the clinic.
  • Following the CDC recommendations for Dental Offices, we have calculated the Settle Time – or amount of time required for the air in the area to “settle” on surfaces and to be filtered through our current air filtration systems in order for the area to be safe again.
    • For our treatment rooms with our current air purification systems, this is 46 minutes
    • We hold off on cleaning the surfaces in those rooms until AFTER the Settle Time has occurred
    • You will notice there are white boards outside every treatment room and area for this purpose. They let others know if a room or area is safe to go in.
  • We have designated an additional treatment room to be used for these treatments, and will never bring in a new patient before the area has been settled and disinfected.

But What If There Is An Exposure?

Please remember – if we are all wearing masks for the entirety of time in the clinic, combined with our disinfecting procedures and distancing, the risk of exposure is VERY low.
  • We will be VERY transparent about any exposures within the clinic, so you can assume “No News is Good News” and trust we will let you know personally if there is any cause for concern.
  • If a therapist or trainer has a known exposure (whether at work or in their personal life), they will immediately begin their self-quarantine and testing process.
  • If they become symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19 at any point, any patient or client who was in contact with the therapist/trainer in the 72 hours prior will be notified immediately of their potential exposure.
Elite COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols
Elite COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols
Elite COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols
Elite COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols