The EHS Pilates Program is in Full Swing

Pilates“Pilates is both a self-sustained exercise system as well as a great adjunct to other exercise approaches such as running, personal training, or yoga.  For many of our clientele, it goes beyond exercise; it is a Lifestyle.”EHS Pilates Partner and Program Director, Tara Gibson, DPT, CFMT

The EHS Pilates approach is core-centered with every movement designed to strengthen you from the inside out. With the primary focus on the deep stabilizing muscles that control the spine, shoulder girdle, and hips, muscles are strengthened and lengthened simultaneously through much of the system resulting in a long, lean build. Pilates is performed on a multitude of Gratz apparatus with primary pieces being the Reformer and Cadillac as well as on the mat, using only the resistance of body weight and gravity. Finally, there is an emphasis on posture, breath, and standing balance, leaving you simultaneously lighter and more grounded than when you came in.

While there is a system to follow, each workout is designed by a skilled instructor around the individual’s needs, and will vary from session to session.

The spectrum of clientele benefiting from Pilates varies from the individual recovering from an acute injury or general deconditioning, to the high level elite athlete. The consistent practice of Pilates often resolves long-standing chronic issues such as neck and low back pain.

EHS Pilates offers private and duet sessions, and small group mat classes.

Meet Your Pilates Team

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