Murder Mystery at the Kringles: Elite’s 2016 “Who Done It” Holiday Party


On Friday December 2nd the Elite Health Services team gathered at the home of Brad and Kerry Gilden for a festive “WHO DONE IT” Murder Mystery Holiday Party…


BETTY BERGER (Played by Beth Richmond)
Fast Food Chef -Betty Berger is the hardworking fast food chef at Barney’s Burger House.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this burger flipper is a notorious cheater when playing party games. Beware if you’re on the opposite team of this master of deceit!
FIONA COLLINS (Played by Tara Gibson
Telemarketer -This villain of the telephone lines ruins many relaxing nights for the residents of Hollyberry Town!  The neighbors of Holly Hills avoid Fiona at all costs, as she’s a nosy, ill-mannered gate-crasher.  This year for the Holly Hills Block Party, Lacey Kringel sent Fiona an invitation to ease the tension and prevent further hostility!
FOGHORN FOWLER (Played by Eric Keene)
Chicken Farmer-Foghorn Fowler is the intellectual chicken farmer.  A dependable and loyal person, Foghorn is a valuable friend to have. Rumor has it that Foghorn’s farm has been targeted by a radical animal-rights group. However, no official violations have been documented at Foghorn’s Chicken Coop.

LECTRON WATTS (Played by Brad Gilden)
Electrician-Lectron Watts is the most annoying one-upper in the Holly Hills neighborhood.  If you’ve done, said, or tried anything – Lectron is certain to have done it more often, said it already, and tried it twice!  It can be quite exhausting to engage in a conversation with this name-dropping showoff!
CHEK NICOLSON (Played by Steve Kurczewski)
Banker-Chek Nicolson is the ultra-eccentric banker.  Known to be quite frugal, Chek will drive you crazy with meticulously calculations of everything out to the nearest quarter of a cent! If you make a lunch date with Chek and want to avoid the hassle when the bill’s delivered, it’s best to pick up the check – no pun intended!
SANDY SOMMERS (Played by Jayna Brodeur)
Lifeguard-Sandy Sommers is the spunky lifeguard at the Holly Hills neighborhood swimming pool.  She constantly mocks people around her and has a reputation for being self-centered and greedy. Helpful advice: avoid situations where Sandy can take advantage of you…or you’ll lose!
LACEY KRINGEL (Played by Kerry Gilden)
Bridal Shop Owner-Lacey Kringel is the moody and insensitive bridal shop owner.  Nobody truly likes to be around Lacey because of her violent mood swings, but her house is the most suited for entertaining in the Holly Hills neighborhood. It’s rumored some of the neighbors are planning an intervention on Lacey to force her to attend anger management sessions. This will never work, as Lacey is bullheaded.
TATOR SALSBURY (Played by Anthony Scire)
Cafeteria Line Worker-Tator Salsbury is the nosy cafeteria line worker at the Hollyberry Town Junior High.  A prime source of gossip, Tator knows everything about everyone in town by eavesdropping on the kids’ conversations in the lunch line.  Tator is no stranger to cuttin’ a rug, as this food server is always dancing – with or without music playing!

NED MORALES (Played by Mike Simon)
Motivational Speaker-Ned Morales is a motivational speaker and a super paranoid individual!  The gossip mills often speak about how Ned believes the government is spying on his/her every move. Most people wonder what the government would want with a nobody from Hollyberry Town.  The majority believe Ned is crazy. However, some folks think Ned may be on to something!
NORMA NIGHTSHADE (Played by Connie Kurczewski)
Late Night TV Host-Norma Nightshade is the mysterious television hostess. With millions of fans, she hosts the Beyond the Witching Hour late-night television show. Norma is friends with most of the townspeople, as she is super friendly and caring. She devotes herself to local charities and never meets a stranger. However, her gothic and somewhat monstrous appearance often makes people nervous.
ROXY RICH (Played by Tiana Werber)
Heiress-Roxy Rich is a pretentious heiress.  She has the only mansion in Hollyberry Town and it sits on top of a hill overlooking the neighborhood of Holly Hills. Even though she has an ideal pad for hosting parties, she refuses to allow anybody to enter her home. The neighbors often wonder what this ritzy diva is hiding. Roxy attends social events in town just to show off her riches – she doesn’t have any true friends.
PELE SOCCO (Played by Jay Werber)
Major League Soccer Player-Pele Socco is the neighborhood athlete and major league soccer player.  He is bluntly honest, so if you don’t want to hear the truth, avoid him at all costs. An avid over-explainer, Pele will steal your life minutes as he describes every last detail of insignificant things such as how he holds a gasoline pump handle while filling his car. He will drain your life force. You’ve been warned!
IMA SURVA (Played by Kristie Gensheimer)
Waitress-Ima Surva is the nerdy waitress at the Hollyberry House of Waffles.  She is a perfectionist, and if you sit in her section, she will tend to your every need.  However, her colleagues report once she crosses the threshold into the kitchen, she spews hateful comments about her customers and engages in food sabotage as she pleases.  People who live with two faces are dangerous. Be wary of Ima!
RITA BOOKADAY (Played by Corey Anne Radtke)
Book Store Clerk-Rita Bookaday is the antisocial book store clerk.  She’s extremely judgmental of others and this behavior often offends her customers.  Rita also has an intense fear of germs, so standing close to her is out of the question – unless you want to witness a stage five freak-out. Those who have seen her episodes say they are not pretty!
KOMMY SHONE (Played by Joe Bonyai)
Car Salesperson-You may wonder how this crabby, introverted car salesperson ever makes a sale!  Nonetheless, Kommy is a top salesperson at the Hollyberry Car Lot!  There have been many recent reports of Kommy selling ‘lemons’ to clients, so buyer beware! Kommy isn’t known for having integrity or morals.
STAN D. UPTON (Played by Stefan Radtke)
Comic-Stan Upton is the extroverted and sugary-sweet standup comic.  Stan performs twice a week at the Hollyberry Comedy Club. If Stan’s in the room, everybody’s laughing! Stan often travels around with his best buddies and fellow comics from the club.


TAKEY TAKERTON (Played by JR Richmond)
Professional Moocher-Takey Takerton has been unemployed ever since he inherited his home from his great grandmother years ago.  He constantly borrows money from his neighbors to pay his living expenses. And for this reason – the neighbors avoid Takey like a case of body lice!  Takey usually has a group of fellow mooches tagging along with him. This group has a weird habit of impersonating animals – probably because they are bored and need to find jobs.


JUDGES for Best Acting, Best Costume, etc.  Matt & Tara Silvaggio & Mike & Lauren Racca 


CHEK NICOLSON (Played by Steve Kurczewski)

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