Pilates Expert Corey Radtke Joins Elite Health Services Team

5a847199-223e-4a5a-bf0c-100717864105After weeks of anticipation it’s finally time to welcome Corey Radtke to Elite Health Services as an Expert Pilates Teacher!

Corey comes to EHS Pilates with over 13 years of mastery and will begin teaching students in our brand new studio starting August 4th.

EHS Pilates Partner and Director Tara Gibson, is thrilled to add Corey’s talent and expertise to the EHS Pilates program, as is the entire team!

You can learn more about Corey, including what type of  people she works with, her philosophy, credentials and experience in the interview below:


How did you get started with Pilates?

I came to Pilates for my own health reasons. In my early 20’s, I developed back issues and experienced back and neck pain. To help manage the pain, I tried many things but nothing really stuck. It wasn’t until after the birth of my first child that the pain became unbearble and I was in a real crisis. That is when a friend intervened and showed me Pilates. My introduction to Pilates was the Reformer apparatus. If you’ve never tried it, It’s an amazing system designed to work all the muscles in your body uniformly.  I had previously worked out at a gym, tried other forms of exercise, but this was amazing!  After that first session I was hooked. Pilates became a mini miracle for me. I can’t imagine where I would be today if Pilates hadn’t come into into my life.

Why is what you do important? What inspired you to ultimately become an Expert Pilates Trainer?

I was moved by my own experience and I wanted to do the same for others.  After learning the Pilates moves and studying anatomy, it was like opening Pandora’s box! I just had to keep learning more about how our bodies work. I continue to read and take continuing education. And of course to share that knowledge with others. With every client I learn something new. As we age, we just want to feel good, healthy and strong. It doesn’t matter if you have health issues or not, Pilates can help every population. What I tell people is that real Pilates helps whatever it is that you do in everyday life to do it better, to just feel better.

What kind of experience do you have in the field?

I have several Pilates Teacher Training certificates (and am certified thru Pilates Method Alliance) and I have run my own Pilates business in Rye, NY Since 2003.  Every year I attend continuing education training sessions and workshops as well.

What is the spectrum of clients you have worked with in the past:

I’ve worked with many who were recovering from back injuries or surgeries, scoliosis, severe kyphosis, lardosis, neck pain, other joint issues invlovling the pelvis, shoulders, knees and ankles, imbalances in the body due to asymmetrical sports such as golf or tennis, cancer recovery patients, post natal moms, to cover just a portion of what I have seen. I have worked with all ages, men and women up to late 80’s. I have found the body to be remarkably responsive no matter where you are in your life.

What inspired you to come on board at EHS to be an integral part of the Pilates program?

I am very inspired by the therapists here and the work they are doing. Pilates compliments what EHS is already doing so well. I am happy to be a part if it!

What advice would you offer someone who is interested in joining EHS Pilates but doesn’t know what to expect?

Very simple: Make your appointment, come in with an open mind, and wear comfortable clothing that you can move in! A good teacher (which at EHS is a given) will start you right at your level no matter where you are so there is no need to feel overwhelmed.

To learn more, or to begin your journey with Corey, please contact EHS Pilates by calling 203-983-5748 to book your first session!

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