Enduring Your First Marathon: Dedication


Enduring Your First Marathon: with Elite Health Services Physical Therapist, Dr. Tiffany Sudol

Weathering the holidays can be difficult when you are training for a marathon.  Excuses can be found everywhere; often leading to planned workouts being put off, or worse, being skipped all together.

One of the ways I been able to prevent myself from falling into this trap is by surrounding myself with positive, inspirational people. My network is extremely valuable to me, especially on those days that I just don’t want to work out.  It’s during these times that I count on these folks the most. Why?  Because I know they won’t let me off the hook. Instead, they remind me of what I set out to achieve, and encourage me to “just do it” – which is priceless.

New Year’s day was one of those days. This a picture from a training run in Annapolis, MD that I would have missed had I not been told to JUST DO IT!

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