What is Therapeutic Training?

TherapeuticTrainingYou’ve just completed an 8 week course of physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff and you’re feeling pretty good. Now your Elite Health Services Physical Therapist has recommended that you begin a ‘therapeutic training program’ to increase your strength and avoid hurting yourself in the same way again.

What is Therapeutic Training exactly?

Therapeutic training integrates the corrective exercises that were prescribed by your EHS Physical Therapist along with more challenging exercises designed to improve your overall strength and conditioning. By continuing to address the areas of weakness and instability that led to pain and dysfunction, you significantly decrease the need of more physical therapy in the future.

What should I expect to experience and achieve during my session?

During your Therapeutic Training session you should expect a progressive cardiovascular warm-up lasting between five and 10 minutes, followed by another 10 minutes of muscle activation and mobility exercises that will get your body ready for the most challenging part of the workout. For the remainder of the session, your trainer will lead you through several circuits of large muscle group multi-joint exercises, core work, and any corrective exercises that were not completed during the warm up.

What if I’m already working with a knowledgeable trainer that I trust?

We understand that some of our physical therapy patients are already working with a knowledgeable trainer that they trust. We still encourage you to take advantage of the Complementary Therapeutic Training Session included with our Physical Therapy program because the Personal Trainers at Elite Health Services work under the specific direction of your Physical Therapist and have advanced hands-on skills to provide proper feedback, monitor posture, and facilitate targeted muscle activation. Physical Therapists at Elite Health Services may recommend working with an EHS Personal Trainer for a few weeks in conjunction with your regular training sessions to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

How long should I work with a Post-Rehab Personal Trainer?  

In most cases, 4 to 6 weeks of post-rehab training with an Elite Health Services Trainer will be sufficient to develop long-lasting postural awareness, healthy movement patterns and establish an active lifestyle. Once these objectives have been accomplished, we recommend you continue training to reach new levels of fitness, performance, and well-being. EHS Personal Trainers always have direct and immediate access to the entire Physical Therapy team and will continually re-create and progress your program design so you are constantly being challenged at the edge of your fitness abilities in a safe, enjoyable manner.

Elite Health Services, located in Old Greenwich, CT is a world-class provider of certified functional manual physical therapy, personal fitness, golf & triathlon performance training, massage therapy and wellness related services.  Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals take a no-excuses approach to providing exceptional care, and delivering exceptional results. To learn more visit EliteHealthServices.com

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