21-days. One small change. Are you up for a CHALLENGE?

It started out as an ‘internal use only’ 21-day challenge for our team; so we could make small lifestyle changes with encouragement and daily accountability from co-workers. But after discovering that nearly everyone stuck with their changes, we knew we had to make this kind of support available to others so they could do the same. Starting today, we’re opening up our Private Facebook Group: “Changes at Elite” to members of our community so that you can join us as we embark on our next 3-month challenge.  There is no charge for this…and all the details are below!


Life is a constant stream of choices, and making new choices can be uncomfortable.  So the Elite team would love to help support you as you start making positive changes.  What we’ve found to be true is that small changes, over time, lead to extraordinary results!

Please join us for our next 3-Month ELITE Challenge as we all prepare for Spring by making some better choices.  Participation is FREE and open to members of the Elite Health Services Community.

Goal: Commit to incorporating a small, but significant, lifestyle modification for 21 (out of 30 days) that will lead to enhanced well-being or health.

Here are a few examples of a few positive behaviors you might choose:

– Drink a large glass of water first thing each morning

– Go to bed by 10:00 PM

– Meditate

– Walk 10,000 steps

– Keep an online food journal

– 20 minutes of steady state aerobic activity

– Eat a salad for lunch

– Read

You will be asked to choose a different ‘change’ for each of the 3 cycles.  (Details will be provided once you’re in the group)

The Changes at Elite Private Facebook Group will be moderated by our staff who will be engaging daily and answering questions, providing inspiration and useful resources.

Prizes will be awarded for each month of successful execution.  Accountability will be encouraged (required for prizes) by posting a photo, app screenshot or brief description of your success on each of the 21 days.

If you are interested, please e-mail Meghan Doyle directly for more information. If you’re ready to commit, request to join the group HERE NOW…or simply let your therapist or trainer know and we’ll add you into the group.

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