Stress Relief During The Holidays

elitehealthservicespersonaltraininggreenwichwith Performance Specialist Mike Simon CSCS, CPT, FMS, USAW
It’s December 10th and what would usually be a 5 minute drive to the Avenue turns into a 25 minute journey.  That red light seems to stay red forever and when it turns green the cars don’t budge.  You feel your blood pressure rising by the second. The car horns blare and what was holiday cheer quickly becomes holiday misery.  When you finally find a parking spot, feed the meter and head into the store, it’s packed.  It is impossible to get that new toy that your son or daughter asked for.  Ah the holidays. Most of us feel like Ebenezer Scrooge and we should feel like St Nick!
Here are some tips to help keep you sane during the holidays; remember to take some deep breaths.  Research has shown that taking deep breaths can alleviate some of the anxieties that we feel when we are stressed.  Try to relax, there’s nothing that we can do about the guy that is on his cell phone when the light turns green! Here is another: holiday shopping is time consuming, stressful and can dampen the mood significantly. We forget that exercise is a big stress relief! Although our time is more limited, get to the gym! It’s no secret; exercise improves our stress levels and when those endorphins kick in we can conquer anything!
Exercise and eating well during holiday time can improve on your stress levels.  It can be something as easy as a bike ride for 30 minutes or a quick workout routine.  Take the dog for a walk (it’s great for your dog as well as yourself). And remember the holidays are for cheer and celebrating. Go with it and manage your stress in a healthy way.

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