Connie Scholl Kurczewski

Connie Scholl Kurczewski

Director of Operations & Business Development


  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Team
  • Operations and Marketing

Connie Scholl Kurczewski was recruited by Elite Health Services for a full-time employment position following the successful completion of a contract based marketing project in 2005. For the last 10 years she has served in various capacities across the organization’s three locations; bringing nearly 30 years of established expertise to her position as Director of Operations and Business Development. A graduate of the Swedish Institute College of Allied Health Sciences, Connie is a former CT & NY State Licensed Massage Therapist, and founder of the very first Muscular Therapy Center in Greenwich, Connecticut.

An avid reader and lifelong learner, Connie devours personal and professional development books on a regular basis. Outside of the office you’ll find her chasing the little white ball around the golf course, competing for steps with her young son during a family hike (18,000 is the number to beat), relaxing near the water, or indulging in a massage!

  • Swedish Institute College of Allied Health Sciences
  • Certified Coach through Coach University
  • Toastmasters International