Who Gets In-Home Physical Therapy in Greenwich, CT

Aside from convenience and advanced manual therapy training of all our Therapists, EHS In-Home Physical Therapists bring everything needed for your treatment to your home.

Michael J. Racca, PT, MSPT

Michael J. Racca, PT, MSPT

with Michael Racca, PT, MSPT, CEAS

 Why does EHS offer In-Home Physical Therapy ? The answer is simple: Location, Location, Location.

Although Elite Health Services has state of the art facilities in Old Greenwich, Westport, CT and Hollywood, many of our patients have taken advantage of highly skilled In-Home Physical Therapy and Personal Training since we opened 10 years ago.

(Editor’s note: Ok so there’s no clinic in Hollywood yet, but it’s the Friday after the Super Bowl and another snowstorm so at least I still have your attention!)

Who gets In-Home PT?

Simply put, anyone who wants it or needs it. Hospital stays are expensive and patients are sent home too quickly even after complex surgeries. Patients then typically receive Home Care Physical Therapy because they cannot get to an outpatient clinic for their needed rehabilitation. These services are usually provided by a Visiting Nurse Service or Home Health Agency, but the duration of these treatments is often very short due to insurance restraints and the Physical Therapy being provided is limited. EHS provides In-Home Physical Therapy of the same high quality offered in our clinic, but in the convenience of your own home. We continue to treat our patients In-Home based on their needs, preferences, and goals, not based on a random deadline of how many home visits a patient should receive. For others, like parents who have time during the day while children are at school, students and athletes who have busy school and after-school schedules, or workers who go to work early and come home late, having a highly skilled Physical Therapist come to your home or office is a valuable time-saving solution.

What is unique about EHS In-Home PT?

Aside from convenience and advanced manual therapy training of all our Therapists, EHS In-Home Physical Therapists bring everything needed for your treatment to your home. I have rarely seen or even heard of Home Care Therapists who bring treatment tables to see their patients, and therapy cannot be effective by only treating someone on a bed, sitting in a chair, or walking around their home. Manual Physical Therapy to improve function In-Home or in a Clinic requires very little more than a treatment table, some creative thinking, and a skilled set of hands. Also by having Physical Therapy In-Home, caregivers, home health aides, or family members can observe, participate in, or be trained by their In-Home Physical Therapist on the spot.  Barriers such as stairs, where to exercise, or simply figuring out the best way to help a patient get in and out of their bed or car can be addressed as part of a treatment session. This benefits the patient and makes it easier for those who are helping them.

One thing you may not have considered about In-Home Physical Therapy is a Sleep Position or Computer Evaluation. I have had many patients benefit from a postural assessment and correction in their own bed, desk or where they use their computer. Even the couch where you sit for hours and watch TV can be evaluated to improve posture and reduce pain. This can help you to sleep better, get advice for replacing an old bed, or simply move a computer or adjust a chair at home to decrease your neck or back pain.

You may also benefit from a single In-Home session to solve a problem you are having that is unique to your home. I recently saw a patient following a total knee replacement that was sitting in an awkward position on a couch to watch TV during their recovery. This same position never bothered them before surgery but was now causing unnecessary pain. By seeing them in their own home, I was able to quickly correct the problem that may not have been resolved so easily had I not seen exactly where they were sitting every night.

So whether you can’t get to our clinic because of safety, mobility or time, or you just prefer to have your care in the privacy of your own home, EHS In-Home Physical Therapy may offer you a new solution to an old problem.

Elite Health Services, located in Old Greenwich, (and now Westport!) CT is a world-class provider of certified functional manual physical therapy, personal fitness, golf & triathlon performance training, massage therapy and wellness related services.  Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals take a no-excuses approach to providing exceptional care and delivering exceptional results. To learn more visit EliteHealthServices.com

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