The Solution to Postpartum Abdominal Weakness





The Problem: If you are having difficulty getting your pre-pregnancy abdominal tone back, you are not alone. Many women following pregnancy feel hopeless that they will never get their curves back. Many women have difficulty contracting their lower abdominals though they may work hours a week in the gym doing abdominal exercises, Pilates, yoga, cardio, etc. There is often a physiological reason for this, and in most occasions can be corrected.

Though pregnancy is a wonderful experience, it takes a large toll on a woman’s body. The stress of having to carry another human being for 40 weeks while experiencing many hormone changes, doubling blood volume, not to mention the added weight leads to stress on the system. The enlarging uterus compresses many of the other organs in the area that can lead to lower back pain, constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome, and acid reflux, just to name a few. No wonder postpartum depression is so common in our society. Add to the mix those women that require delivery by Caesarian section and now you are dealing with the formation of scar tissue which can dramatically impact the inability of the core muscle to fire.

The Solution: Physical therapists that specialize in Manual Physical Therapy have specific training in identifying and treating problems with the organs, muscles, and soft tissues in the abdominal region. Through gentle assessment and treatment, we can restore the efficient mobility to each of the systems in the abdominal region that have been traumatized by pregnancy. Just imagine a garden hose that is kinked. There is no way water is going to pass through it properly. The same thing can occur with your organs and muscles. If your abdominal muscles are scarred down, it will be impossible to contract them no matter how hard you try. Instead, you end up compensating using incorrect muscles and potentially causing other injuries. By gentle manipulation, a functional manual physical therapist can restore the normal mobility of the muscles and other organs thereby allowing for a normal abdominal contraction. Following restoration of the muscles and organ systems, a safe core strengthening program can be reinstated. What you will experience following this treatment is the ability to contract your abdominals much easier, and you will make quick gains to getting your old stomach back.

Brad Gilden, PT, DPT, CSCS, CFMT has been practicing orthopedic & sports physical therapy since graduating from New York Medical College in 2000. He has worked in a variety of settings treating patients with various neurological, orthopedic and sports injuries. In 2004, he completed a clinical doctorate in upper quarter & hand therapy from Drexel University. He joined Elite Health Services as a managing partner and rehabilitation coordinator in 2005.
Elite Health Services, located in Old Greenwich, (and now Westport!) CT is a world-class provider of certified functional manual physical therapy, personal fitness, golf & triathlon performance training, massage therapy and wellness related services. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals take a no-excuses approach to providing exceptional care and delivering exceptional results. To learn more visit www.EliteHealthServices.

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