When it is time to seek a Manual Physical Therapist?

physical_therapyBy David Potucek, Senior Physical Therapist, MSPT, CFMT

When you have a problem with your body there are many treatment options available to you.  For severe injuries and traumas going to the emergency room, your MD or orthopedist is generally good advice.  For mild to moderate acute injuries or severe injuries that are cleared by your MD you can trial RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).  Generally that will take you through the first few days of an injury and through the inflammatory phase which is the first 48 to 72 hours.  After that you should be appropriate to start physical therapy.  Lesser injuries can be seen right away and severe injuries may need a week or two before starting PT.

Our goal is to help speed up the healing process.  We can get tissues and joints moving better, get you stronger and more stable, eliminate pain, and get you back to functioning and the things you love faster. We also spend time listening to and educating our patients. Most importantly, we focus on a solution to your problem.  We do not mask your problem or simply treat the symptoms.  We want to fix your problem permanently.  We also educate you in ways to avoid future problems or recurrence of pain.

Lingering pain that doesn’t go away on its own is very appropriate for us to treat.  This includes recurring pain, overuse injuries and chronic pain.  People that fail traditional physical therapy are also appropriate for us to see.  Generally there are underlying reasons why pain keeps recurring and we need to think out of the box to find these problems.  We can treat nerves, viscera (organs), retrain your muscles how to work in the right sequence again and work on posture and body mechanics issues that may be causing your problem to come back.

Many people see us for preventative treatment of injuries (longevity or avoiding surgery) and we also see people for performance enhancement.  We can evaluate how a person’s body functions, find areas or immobility or weakness and target those areas so they don’t become problematic in the future.  This also leads to more efficiency which can lead to shorter race times, longer drives or quicker movements on the courts.

The best injury is one that never happens because it is prevented in the first place.

Elite Health Services, located in Old Greenwich, (and now Westport!) CT is a world-class provider of certified functional manual physical therapy, personal fitness, golf & triathlon performance training, massage therapy and wellness related services. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals take a no-excuses approach to providing exceptional care and delivering exceptional results. To learn more visit www.EliteHealthServices.

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