Before You Hit the Tennis Court…Get Your Complimentary Injury Prevention Screening

BrianTwith Brian Tenenhaus, MSPT

Outdoor Tennis season is here! As you head out to play your first match, you’ll want to do all that you can to minimize your chances of enduring unnecessary injuries that might put a premature end to your tennis playing season.

At Elite Health Services we’re currently providing complimentary comprehensive 11-Point Tennis Screenings that address both your equipment and the biomechanics behindof your tennis stroke and serve.

During the screening, EHS Physical Therapist, Brian Tenenhaus, will thoroughly examine your rotator cuff muscles and provide valuable feedback pertaining to strength, flexibility, and potential deficiencies that might lead toan injury.

Next, he will assess the three vital plans of your hip flexibility and explain how that relates to greater power and efficiency with your serve.

Your scapulohumeral rhythm, which is how well your shoulder blade is working together with your shoulder joint, is also examined and explained.   If they are notworking together in a healthy synonymous relationship, then they may be actually fighting each other, putting you at greater risk for injury.

How is your vertical alignment? Are you fully activating and engaging your core before and during play?  Find out, and learn how to stop low back pain before it comes on with specific recommendations on how to put your body in proper position before and during a match.

Finally, Brian will look at your tennis shoes and equipment from both a playing and physical therapy perspective to let you know if your racquet and/or shoes might be hindering your performance or setting you up for pain or injury.

It’s said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…Don’t wait for an injury before contacting us! Schedule your complimentary Tennis Screen with Brian today (203) 983-5748

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