Elite’s Dr. Brad Gilden to Deliver Keynote Lecture & Full-day Workshop at the American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry 2016 Airway Summit

Elite Health Services Partner and Physical Therapist, Brad Gilden, DPT, FFMT, FAAOMPT, CSCS has been invited by the American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry to deliver a keynote lecture and full day workshop during the 2016 AAPMD Annual Airway Summit being held at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Tucson, Arizona September 15-17th.

Gilden and colleague Steven Warfel, DPT, CFMT will discuss the importance of advanced physical therapy techniques and a collaborative approach between dentists and physical therapists for treatment of Airway problems and Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.



  • Collaborative Care Topics to Promote Airway Health, Function, and Development
  • Airway, Sleep and Metabolic Disease
  • Orthodontics, Myofunctional Therapy and Restorative Dentistry: An Airway Team Approach
  • Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome: The Hidden Problem to Chronic Inflammatory Disease
  • Identifying and Treating Airway Problems Prior to Restorative Dental Treatment
  • Early Intervention for Prevention: Treating Airway Disorders in Children Under Age 6
  • Instrumentation for Better Airway Disorders: HRV, Vagal Nerve Stimulation, HRPO, and more
  • Invisalign and Restorative Dentistry: Beautiful Smiles with Better Breathing
  • Building the Airway/Sleep Team:Screening, Diagnosis, Record Keeping, Finances and more
  • Cone-Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT): Identifying and Using the Wealth of Information
  • Frenectomies: Before, During and After – A Philosophical Approach to Midline Anomalies
  • Physical Therapist/Dentist Airway Collaboration for Better Airway Health
  • Nutrition for Better Sleep
  • ENT / Dentist Collaboration
  • Physiological Dentistry

The American Academy of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry (AAPMD) is an inclusive organization for health care practitioners and health care consumers to share information and work together for the wellness of individuals, families and society.

To learn more about the conference, or to register for the event please visit: https://www.aapmd.org/

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