Once hard, now easy!

with Elite Health Services Personal Trainer, Meghan Doyle, BS, CSFC, PNL1

When I was younger I never categorized myself as an athletic child. I figured skated, but certainly not competitively, and for the first few years I often hoped my mother would just forget about my appointment. As I got older, I learned to love going to the rink and the routine associated with it.  In college, things changed. I stopped skating all together and went to the gym only in infrequent bouts that included hopping on the elliptical for 20 minutes followed by a few obligatory crunches. I never established consistency or progressed in any discernable measure.

After graduating, I decided to try again by joining my local gym.  I was the typical beginner –out of shape and having no idea how to reach my goal, let alone how to avoid hurting myself!  It was then that I scheduled my first session with a professional personal trainer.  This is where my love affair of exercise and training began. I fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment.  My confidence increased. I began seeing noticeable physical changes in my body and there was, without a doubt, a drastic improvement in my overall mental state.  Exercise became my daily vitamin.

However, today, I feel it’s important to point out that I began my journey to becoming a fitness professional as a complete beginner; barely able to do a step up.  Performing a push-up or a plank?  Unthinkable!  I routinely tripped over my own two feet and continually bumped into things which, in addition to being embarrassing, made putting exercise movements together very difficult.  But I didn’t give up. My commitment to movement has resulted in an improvement of physical strength, and greater body awareness.  Exercise continues to be the secret weapon that allows me to handle the stressful demands of life from a calm and centered place.

As an Elite Health Services Personal Trainer, I am called to work with those individuals who have never really exercised; either at the gym or in sport. I know the mindset and understand their struggle. Making exercise enjoyable and safe for this particular population is what I am most passionate about and where I excel. I am deeply committed to progressing my clients in a way that has them continually saying, “Wow, what was once hard is now easy!” – whatever that may mean for them.

Founded in 2004, Elite Health Services, with locations in Old Greenwich and Westport, CT., is a world-class provider of certified functional manual physical therapy, personal fitness training and longevity related services. Over the past decade, our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals has successfully helped thousands of elite athletes and active individuals in the tri-state area to eliminate pain and achieve outstanding results through exceptional care. To learn more about how we might help you too, please visit:www.EliteHealthServices.com

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