Functional Manual Therapy™

Functional Manual Therapy™

FMT is the Key to Faster Healing

Functional Manual Therapy™ is a multi-dimensional approach to the body that evaluates mobility, motor control and how the brain affects our movements. FMT is the cornerstone of the Elite approach. We don’t practice “traditional” physical therapy because FMT gives a better outcome for most patients.

Our clients see lasting results, much faster than other methods.

FMT is the key to faster healing. It is why many clients tell us they received the same benefit after one FMT session as five traditional physical therapy sessions they had tried before.

Available in our Old Greenwich office, via Tele-Health or in-home.

Better, faster results than traditional physical therapy

FMT addresses how the body functions as a whole.

Instead of isolating the injured or impaired area, FMT therapists focus on how it aligns with the rest of the body, which often reveals a different root cause than originally assumed.

To achieve exceptional patient results, Elite treats one patient exclusively for one hour in a private treatment room. This is not a semi-private session, as you may find in traditional PT offices (where appointments are often thirty minutes). Your healing is our focus and goal.

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Functional Manual Therapy™

Not simply for recovery, FMT also benefits dedicated athletes

that want to improve their performance, shave time off results or gain strength for better results.

Functional Manual Therapy™

FMT is Not Traditional Physical Therapy

Certified FMT therapists study an average of 4 additional years after becoming a traditional physical therapist. FMT takes a high level of commitment and education to achieve this certification, and not many therapists can practice FMT. There are less than 400 Certified Functional Manual Therapists in the world, only 9 in the state of Connecticut, and 4 of them are here at Elite Health Services.

There simply is no comparison between FMT and traditional physical therapy. That is why exceptional results are routine for Elite’s patients.

How FMT is different than traditional physical therapy

When a patient first comes to Elite our Certified FMT therapists carefully observe, assess and skillfully use their hands to identify inflammation, scar tissue and gauge strength and mobility.

Treatment is uniquely designed for each patient and involves manually treating soft tissues, muscles and joints, continually assessing progress and adapting treatment strategies to facilitate strength and healing.

Patients also learn how to prevent issues from recurring by showing them the right ways to move (and how to avoid stressors that may have caused the problem).

Based on specific patient needs, FMT also incorporates behavioral, nutrition and stress management components for maximal healing.

Functional Manual Therapy™

Breathing Easy

Physical therapists at Elite Health Services have extensive education and training to evaluate and treat patients that have been exposed to the deleterious effects of viruses 🦠  like COVID-19. ⁣ We’re also taking proactive steps to ensure your body is functioning as efficiently as possible to help combat potential exposure to this virus.

In this video, we will demonstrate some of the different systems of the body that may be involved in your recovery.


  • 30 or 60-Min. Tele-Health Treatment
  • One-Hour In-Clinic Treatment*

*Clinic visits may be need to be determined on a case by case basis; and may be limited to acute pain patients only. This is based on current community transmission rates in the area; and local, national, and CDC guidelines.


In order to ensure the safety of anyone stepping foot in our clinic, we switched to a “split shift” schedule to give each therapist more room while we came up with creative solutions to make the best use of our clinic space.

Thanks to the tireless effort of our team, we have made some major changes to our clinic so that we can bring all therapists back in at one time while maintaining safety – which is our #1 priority.

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Alex Blank, PT, DPT


Mon: off
Tues: 8:30am – 7pm
Weds: 7:15am – 5:30pm
Thurs: 7:15am – 5:45pm
Fri: 7am – 5:30pm

Caitlyn Hauswirth, PT, DPT, CFMT


Mon: 12:45pm – 7pm
Tues: 7am – 8pm
Weds: 9:30am – 7pm
Thurs: 7am – 8pm
Fri: off

Liz Arnold, PT, DPT, CFMT, CSCS


Mon: off
Tues: 11:15am – 7:15pm
Weds: 7am – 4pm
Thurs: 11:15am – 7:15pm
Fri: 7:15am – 3pm

Joseph Vella, PT, DPT


Mon: 7am – 7:30pm
Tues: 7am – 5pm
Weds: 8:15am – 6:30pm
Thurs: 7am – 2:30pm
Fri: off

Vincenzo Recine, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS


Mon: 7:15am – 2:45pm
Tues: 7:15am – 2:45pm
Weds: 7:15am – 2:45pm
Thurs: 11am – 6:30pm
Fri: 7:15am – 5:15pm



Mon: Limited availability
Tues: off
Weds: Limited availability
Thurs: off
Fri: Limited availability

The results our clients have achieved…