Personal Training

Our clients tell us there is no comparison between Elite trainers and a typical gym trainer.

Elite’s intelligent programming and expert instruction give athletes of every level the confidence to train hard and hit their goals, without worry of getting injured.

With Elite’s precision guidance, athletes at every level have the confidence and knowledge to safely train hard, and stay ahead of the competition.

While Elite’s approach is to provide custom solutions for each client’s individual needs, there are some common reasons why people come to Elite for help.

Available in our Old Greenwich office, remotely or in-home.

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Personal Training

Elite is for people who…

Personal Training

have tried “chain” gyms.

But they discovered many gym trainers are not knowledgeable. They had them do too many reps of a move that was not healthy and they got injured.

Personal Training

are longtime athletes & push themselves to be their absolute best.

They wanted a trainer who was educated about body mechanics and physiology so they could safely train hard. Elite trainers watch closely to ensure clients do the moves properly and safely, so they can get stronger without injury.

Personal Training

want to maintain their ideal level of activity as they age.

All types of exercise are not a great fit for bodies of different ages. Elite trainers provide intelligent programs for every age and fitness level.

Personal Training

are disciplined and motivated to stay fit.

They appreciate a collaborative approach from a trainer that takes into consideration their goals, abilities and what they like to do in a workout. Fitness is meant to be enjoyable and it shouldn’t be boring.

The results our clients have achieved…

Tom Scott shares his Elite Health Services experience and how working with personal trainer, Joe Bonyai helped him get stronger and improve his performance in the golf course.

Lloyd Mallah talks about his experience working with Elite Health Services physical therapists and personal trainers to get rid of back pain and avoid injury.