Endurance Coaching

Elite’s athletes arrive at the start feeling confident and injury-free.

Whether it’s a long course, short course, or sprint distance event; if the goal is to finish the race strong, a well-trained mind and body are required from the start.

USA Triathlon Level 2 Coach Steve Kurczewski provides athletes with quantitative training programs designed to promote long term success in endurance pursuits that allow you to:

  • Trust in your training
  • Feel like you deserve to be there
  • Know the course
  • Understand your race plan
  • And possess a flexible outlook
Endurance Coaching
Endurance Coaching

Elite excels in working with injured and time strapped athletes with full, demanding lifestyles.

We place a heavy focus on nutrition, recovery, and musculoskeletal integrity with our coaching so that you can handle the stress of endurance training.

The results our clients have achieved…