Over 56% of Runners Suffer an Injury Each Year
that Threatens their Ability to Run

You were born to run. Don’t let injury keep you from competing in that marathon, 10k, 5k—
or successfully completing your morning runs.

Why do I get hurt?

There are many theories why injuries occur. Everything from stretching, to running surfaces, to shoes can be blamed for running injuries. After working with countless runners over the past 11 years, Elite Health Services Running Specialists have discovered that the cause of an injury can often be traced to the way we run.

Don’t be an injury waiting to happen

True gait analysis and a physical assessment with a well-trained eye will uncover any inefficiencies and compensation in your movement patterns. Improper, unbalanced movement robs you of your energy, limits your performance, and puts you at high risk of injury. Period.

Running Assessment

Beyond the Band-Aid

We understand the injured runner’s mentality; “grin and bear it” before finally reaching for the Advil® with the hope of temporarily masking the pain to push through the run. Deep down you know this is doing harm. What you may not be aware of is that permanent relief is available when you identify and fix the source.


The 90-Minute Solution

During a 90-minute session Elite Running Specialists use video and physical assessment tools to capture gait and carefully examine 15 different characteristics of your running mechanics to zero-in on the exact areas of mobility, strength and endurance that may be contributing to nagging pain or reoccurring injuries.

Ready to get rid of your running pain?

Donald Vasta“From the first visit, I could tell these guys were different.”

“I’m a life-long runner who began experiencing a series of injuries as I hit my 40s… I had been to probably a dozen healthcare providers including doctors, massage, chiropractors, running coaches, did all sorts of traditional physical therapy, acupuncture, exploratory arthroscopic surgery – you name it, I tried it. From the first visit , I could tell these guys were different. They really took a holistic look at my problems.”

Donald Vasta
Stamford, CT