Virtual Running Assessment

Ready to Take Your Running to the NEXT LEVEL?

Whether you’re coming back from the sidelines of injury, or you want to increase your weekly mileage, Elite’s REMOTE RUNNING ASSESSMENT is here to unlock whatever is holding you back.

Spend an hour with an Elite physical therapist to evaluate the relevant functional demands of running through our proprietary screening.

  • Our tests are designed to provide a conclusive depiction of where your form is efficient, and how well your body can withstand the demands related to running.

  • We have designed our running assessment around evaluating immobility, stability, and functional capacity as it relates to running form.

  • We also look at right versus left sided efficiency and where in the running gait cycle we may need to focus attention with our targeted interventions.

  • Your Elite physical therapist will tabulate your scores, present the findings, and lay out a plan to best achieve the level of running that you envision for yourself.

A Look Inside Elite’s Virtual RUNNING ASSESSMENT

Elite’s Virtual Running Assessment Introductory Package:

  • During a one-hour virtual session with an Elite physical therapist you’ll be taken through 13 rigorous tests to review your mobility, stability, and motor control to determine the driver of any running related dysfunction.

  • While there is no actual running during the evaluation, you will be asked to provide us with a video of yourself running before & after your session.

  • Plus, you’ll receive (2) two 60-minute follow-up sessions with your Elite physical therapist.