January 19, 2018
Elite Functional Manual Therapy

How to Avoid Waking Up with a Stiff Neck

Ouch! It happened again. You've just opened your eyes and tried to move your neck only to find it stiff and painful when you attempt to tilt or turn your head toward one side.
September 11, 2016
Sciatica Related Pain

Understanding and Preventing Sciatica Related Pain

Sciatica is a very popular term used by patients to label the pain or symptoms that they are experiencing in their buttock region and into their leg.
December 13, 2011
Workstation Set-up Dos & Don'ts

Workstation Set-up Dos & Don’ts

Poorly designed workstations can lead to debilitating neck, back, and shoulder pain. Learn tips that do not require a large investment in time or finances