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Improve Your Performance

I want to be stronger and faster than my competition

Every athlete wants to improve, but not all athletes will actually remain healthy enough to stay in the game. For true competitors, nothing can shatter a dream faster than being sidelined by injury.

Intelligent programming and expert guidance instill athletes of every level with the confidence they need to train hard and go the distance, safely.

With Elite’s expert guidance, athletes at every level have the confidence and knowledge to safely train hard, and stay ahead of the competition.

I want to be stronger and faster than my competition

Heal From an Injury

I’m injured

When injured we’re often impatient; wanting to return to life as soon as possible. Wasting time with therapy that doesn’t work is not an option.

Exclusive and individualized hour long manual therapy treatments allow for a focused approach to recovery; resulting in better outcomes with fewer visits.

Functional Manual Therapy™ is the key to faster healing that you may not know about because, like many, you thought all therapy was the same. FMT is not physical therapy. Certified FMT therapists study an average of 4 additional years after becoming a traditional physical therapist. One reason you may not know about FMT is that is takes a high level of commitment and education to achieve this certification and not many therapists can practice FMT. There are only 254 Certified Functional Manual Therapists in the United States currently. Only 10 are in Connecticut, and 7 of them are employed by Elite Health Services.

There simply is no comparison between FMT and traditional physical therapy. That is why exceptional results are routine for Elite’s patients.

Heal from an injury

Relieve Chronic Pain

I suffer from chronic pain and haven’t been able to find relief

Sadly, many TMJ, headache and chronic pain sufferers believe they have to learn to live with pain.

Functional Manual Therapy™ with its multi-dimensional approach offers hope that goes beyond pain medication and traditional physical therapy to address how the body functions as a whole. It often uncovers and relieves the true source of pain which was previously unknown. which is the key to maximal healing.

Relieve chronic pain

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor problems cause me pain and embarrassment

Millions of people suffer silently from pelvic floor disorders. They may leak urine or be unable to fully control their bowel movements.

Or they may feel discomfort if the organs in their pelvic area have shifted. But they don’t mention these symptoms to their healthcare providers because they’re too embarrassed, or they don’t think anything can be done about it.

Strengthen your pelvic floor

Maximize Longevity

I just want to feel good and remain active for a long time

Feeling good and staying healthy can be a challenge as we age. Conflicting advice prescribed by health professionals can be puzzling. Being your own advocate to determine the kinds of health care you should receive and whether or not it fits your specific needs can be overwhelming.

Elite’s team of professionals communicates and works together to manage all aspects of your rehabilitative, fitness and longevity goals. We maximize your personal wellness and eliminate the confusion.

Maximize longevity

Get More REM Sleep

Sleep is the most powerful restorative antidote in the world.

Sleep is how our body heals.

Quality sleep allows the cells of our physical body to regenerate while our brain detoxifies and clears space for new thoughts, ideas and unique neural pathways.

There are multiple stages of sleep and REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) is the most important of them.

During REM phase of sleep, our body produces the greatest amount of growth hormone. This sleep cycle allows for healthy growth and development in children, while providing restorative cellular turnover for healthy bones and tissues in adults. When we’re deprived of REM Sleep we wake up feeling physically exhausted and mentally fatigued.


The results our clients have achieved…

Life-changing results with Functional Manual Therapy™

A 13-year-old boy was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters Disease. He was given some stretches to do and was told by an Orthopedist that it would go away with time.

Fast forward two years, this boy who loves to be active, struggles with daily pain, despite doing the stretches.

Despite going to traditional physical therapy, where he was in a crowded room full of other patients and had the PT’s attention for only 10 minutes out of the 30-minute session the exercises did nothing to alleviate the pain.

When his Mom researched Osgood Schlatter’s, everything she had read supported what she was told by the Orthopedist. That’s why they waited it out for 2 years (with the boy complaining of pain often).

Then, he came to Elite.

In an hour-long exam, where his muscle strength and flexibility were tested thoroughly and methodically, the Certified FMT therapist noticed problems with his hip flexibility and ankle strength which was putting stress on his knee, aggravating the Osgood Schlatters.

After one session of Functional Manual Therapy™, his tight muscles were loosened; his knee already was feeling better.

He is motivated to do the customized exercises that are designed just for him to help him be free of pain. He feels relieved to know his pain is finally being addressed in a manner that will help him.

A mother had no idea there was a different type of physical therapy out there, with a different approach.

It never would have occurred to her to seek different treatment if she had not been referred by someone who had experienced great results with Elite.